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STEM into D&T Action

This project is focussed on supporting the development of a modern STEM related curriculum through modernising the design and technology (D&T) teaching and learning experience at key stage 3 in secondary schools. It has been made possible by the Mayor of London’s Education Programme: London Schools Excellence Fund.

Schools and their pupils engaged with the project, benefit through enhanced teaching of key STEM subjects, brought about by providing pupils with real, engaging activities that use cutting-edge resources, including smart materials and programmable systems for robotics.  The programme consists of bespoke curriculum resources; CPD activities and access to high-technology but low-cost physical resources such as SMART materials for designing.

The Design and Technology Association are working closely with Mindsets who are a well established provider of resources for D&T with a reputation for sourcing innovative materials and components. 

Engaging with the project will:

  • cover existing and new aspects of the new National Curriculum D&T programmes of study introduced from September 2014
  • use a range of resources and associated CPD to address teachers’ knowledge and experience gaps
  • enhance the existing skill levels and help develop teachers competence and confidence
  • engage with a network of centres of excellence in London that will support schools locally
  • ensure STEM teaching keeps abreast of emerging technological developments
  • use D&T to underpin the delivery of STEM in the curriculum
  • motivate pupils to explore STEM concepts through ‘real world’ and relevant engaging activities and projects
  • encourage pupils to consider future qualifications and careers that use STEM concepts in an applied context

If you are in a London based secondary school, and would like to get involved in this pilot programme, please contact Emma Watson at the Design and Technology Association.


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